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Translingual Europe

International Conference on Advanced Translation Technology for Multilingual Europe May 19th & 20th 2008 in Berlin

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Translingual Europe logoThe Union of 27 peacefully cooperating European states is a community of increasing economic and political integration; but at the same time it is also a community of sustaining cultural and linguistic diversity. The preservation of 23 official languages demands immense economic efforts. The steadily accelerating growth of knowledge and shared information as well as the progressing integration of European societies cause a steep increase of the volume of documents that need to be accessible to all European citizens in their respective languages. This includes legislation, official announcements, technical documentation, patents, consumer information and countless other types of text.
Without an increasing utilization of advanced translingual technology for the translation of large volumes of text, the sustainrnent of today's multicultural and multilingual European society may soon become unaffordable.
The international conference TRANSLINGUAL EUROPE aims to inform invited respresentatives of industry, commerce, research and administration about recent progress in translation technology. In order to determine the requirements and the state of the art with respect to the European languages, the EU-funded project EuroMatrix has organized an open technology contest and a survey of available products and resources. At the Berlin conference, the results of these endeavors will be presented and discussed. A third theme of the conference is the discussion of opportunities and challenges for European research, development and technology transfer in this important application area of information technology.


Monday May 19th
09:00—12:30 Workshop Evaluation of Machine Translation max.60 participants
12:30 Lunch for 100 participants
16:00—16:20 Coffee Break
16:20—18:00 Translingual Europe
Tuesday May 20th
09:00—10:30 Translingual Europe
10:30—11:00 Coffee Break
11:00—13:00 Translingual Europe
13:00—14:00 Lunch


Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology Invalidenstr. 48, 11115 Berlin venue map

Agenda items

  • Opening Keynote on the Economic and Political Challenge of a Multilingual Europe
  • The state of the art in international MT Research (easy-to-understand overview)
  • The state of the art in MT Evaluation (Report on results of the Monday morning workshop)
  • Reports from the forefront of international research
  • The special requirements on translingual technology of the European society:
    • - The needs of European multinational enterprises
    • - The needs of European SMEs
    • - The needs of the European administration
    • - The needs of European translation industry
  • The results of the first EuroMatrix Contest
  • The findings of the EuroMatrix Survey
  • Panel and open discussion on the opportunities and challenges for European RDT
  • Closing Address


  • 80-120 participants
  • By invitation only
  • Invitees will come from
    • - organisations with large translation needs, (especially industry and public administration)
    • - translation industry,
    • - machine translation technology providers,
    • - research administrators,
    • - European machine translation projects,
    • from the machine translation community at large

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