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Project Deliverables

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Deliverables of the EuroMatrix project

Publishable executive summary 01 September 2006 – 30 November 2007
Deliverable 1.2b
Evaluation Campaign
Deliverable 1.3
Survey of Machine Translation Evaluation
Deliverable 2.1.
Factored Translation Model Prototype System
Deliverable 2.2
Refined Factored Translation Model System
Deliverable 3.1.
Semantic Representation for Czech and English - Reference
Deliverable 3.2
Description of the tree transduction model
Deliverable 3.3
Implementation of Tree Transfer System (Documentation). The software itself is available at
Deliverable 3.4
Further improvements and evaluation of tree-based transfer.
Deliverable 4.1
Interface to OpenLogos Linguistic Processing Modules and Automatic Acquisition of Transfer Rules
Deliverable 5.1.
Open Source Decoder and Corpus v1
Deliverable 5.4
MT Marathon Workshop (2009)
Deliverable 6.1
Improved confidence estimation and hybrid architectures for machine translation
Deliverable 7.2
Public Project Presentation
Deliverable 7.2 - long version
Invited talk Philipp Koehn MT summit 2007

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